Online Media


More than 2 billion people, over 30% of the worlds population now have regular access to the internet, a 480% increase since the year 2000. Online media is constantly evolving, new opportunities emerge ever more frequently. We keep track of the latest developments and constantly assess the effectiveness of maturing opportunities. We offer tailored digital media solutions to fulfil your online marketing objectives, call us now to discuss your requirements.



  • Search Engine Optimisation

    The overwhelming majority of internet users begin their browsing experience with a search engine. Search engines are an important source of traffic during a website's life cycle. Search engine optimisation, commonly referred to as SEO is the process of improving a website’s ranking against competitors results in response to specific search queries. Unfortunately there is no quick fix to improve your websites ranking, after the initial stages of audit and application, SEO requires intelligent analysis of data from multiple sources, management. 

    We offer the complete Search Engine Optimisation service. Our quality management system helps to ensure that no opportunities are overlooked and that our optimisers remain on the pulse.

  • PPC (Pay Per Click)Open or Close

    Expertly crafted and thoughtfully deployed PPC campaign can help provide an almost instantaneous flow of potential customers to your business. We offer a complete PPC and display advertising management solution. Our dedicated professionals will expertly manage your PPC and/or CPM campaigns across multiple networks and independent sites, provide analysis, feedback and enhancements on a daily, weekly or monthly basis depending on the scale and ambitions of your campaign. Display advertising solutions focusing on delivering brand exposure to your desired target audience.

  • Display Advertising (CPM, CPI, CPV)Open or Close

    Internet display advertising is perfect for when you’re goals are focused on brand awareness, be it universal or targeted directly at a specific audience we can help research Display advertising solutions focusing on delivering brand exposure to your desired target audience.

  • Social MediaOpen or Close

    Social Media presents a wealth of PR and CRM opportunities. Reports have shown that organizations have been able to bring back displeased customers with a carefully designed social media strategy utilizing the most appropriate channels. Social media should be considered a vital part of any organisations media plan. We provide research to establish current trends and subjects of discussion important to your organization. We’ll identify the best opportunities to engage with your audience and aid you in developing an effective, measurable social media strategy.

  • Content CreationOpen or Close

    We can provide copywriting for all aspects of traditional and online media. We will press releases, blogs, microblogs, advert wording, across all media.

  • Online PROpen or Close

    We have experience in managing global projects through multiple channels and with our international network of associates we deliver the best possible comprehensive service to our clients. Whether you’re looking to generate publicity for an exciting new product or service, improve or defend your organisations reputation, we have the resources to get your voice heard.

  • Search MarketingOpen or Close

    Search marketing is primarily is the use of Google Adwords and similar text based contextual advertising services with the aim of delivering highly targeted impressions to your relevant audience. In turn this can provide an influx if valuable prospects to your website. Our Google Adwords certified (TBA!) professionals will expertly manage your campaign to your exacting requirements. We will provide all the relevant research, work according to your goals and budget, provide continuous improvements to provide maximum value for money and return on investment.