We specialise in international media planning and buying


Wherever in the world you are planning to advertise, our expertise extends across every industry sector, all international markets and covers every aspect of media research, planning, negotiation and buying. A concern for many companies is whether they can rely on an agency to understand their market and provide a cost-effective service. We aim to answer these concerns at every stage of the advertising process.


Carefully chosen media is the medium through which your advertising can gain the type of exposure necessary in a competitive marketplace. With an extensive library and powerful database research tools, we can quickly locate the media most appropriate to your target audience and justify all selections with careful analysis.   Should you require any advertising worldwide; be it online, in traditional press, on TV, radio or outdoor opportunities, let us know. On receipt of a brief we will deliver detailed diversified media solutions to your exact requirements for your careful consideration.


We take pride in our customer service


  • Fast and friendly service
  • Single point of contact
  • Flexible media planning
  • Exceptional reliability
  • Prompt communications

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