Traditional Media Advertising


With a wealth of experience (over 33 years now) in traditional media advertising we offer the complete advertising service. We cover all the opportunities of traditional advertising including; print, outdoor and broadcast. Click on the sections below to learn more about the opportunities we can provide you with, worldwide and completely hassle free.


We have long standing relationships with some of the world’s largest publishers which enables us to provide clients with strategically planned campaigns, that not only keep within budget, but also provide added value in the context of savings made being used to further enhance the campaign with additional advertising exposure.   Our extensive database and library enable our media professionals to call upon the most up-to-date media information available and provide accurate media selection. Combined with our international experience and knowledge, this puts our media planning way ahead of most.


Strategic advertising is an integral part of the marketing process


  • Experienced media professionals
  • Competitive rates
  • Complete service

  • Print - International Print Media Advertising

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    Despite the exponential growth of internet advertising, print media advertising continues to be a crucial element of any marketing strategy. During the last 30 years we have placed campaigns in thousands of newspapers, magazines, journals and newsletters worldwide. Upon receipt of your enquiry we use our extensive experience and resources to provide detailed customised proposals to cover the best available opportunities within the budget you define

  • Outdoor - Out of Home Advertising

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    Outdoor advertising, conceived and implemented correctly can work very well for promoting your product or service within specific geographic areas. Billboard, transport and ambient advertising can reach huge audiences, various outdoor placements may be seen by up to 50,000 people daily. We can place your adverts on outdoor media world worldwide as a standalone service or part or a complete package.

  • Broadcast - TV and Radio Advertising

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    With approximately 15,000 TV channels and 44,000 radio stations worldwide, there are ample opportunities to deliver expose your products or services in a vibrant, engaging and thought provoking manner.